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Greene Knight


Greene Knight Ltd has been established to offer flexible property management services. If you are a Landlord with UK property available to let we have over 10 years of experience managing our own properties and we would now like to share that knowledge with you. We strive to find the right tenants for the right properties, offering our landlords and tenants a quality service, minimising void periods and helping to decipher the complicated and ever changing legislation being introduced to the market. If you have property that is currently let, are looking for a new tenant or are simply considering entering the buy to let market please get in touch to see how we can help.

Managing property that you own but do not live in yourself can be a rewarding experience and have many benefits, but it also brings with it many potential pitfalls. The explosion of new Buy To Let Landlords looking to capitalise on the UK housing market has meant greater legislation and more complex taxation as the government try to introduce controls to the market. Understanding current regulations is imperative and making provision for changes is often the difference between making a profit and not. At Greene Knight we own our own properties, and we offer advice and guidance based on our own past experiences and how we ourselves are currently preparing and planning for the future of our own buy to let investments. We work with responsible landlords who provide quality homes for respectful tenants. We believe every person entitled to live in the UK has the right to a safe home that also maximises the potential for energy efficiency. What may be an investment vehicle for one person offers shelter and security to someone else. Greene Knight are about integrity, honesty and professionalism. We have high expectations from our tenants and landlords, we only work with tried and trusted tradesmen and we treat every investment property as if it were our own. We do not market property for sale as this is a completely different skill and we leave that to those who know what they are doing. If you want to sell a property we would recommend the services of Barons, a local agent with over 25 year experience.